(i) OFAP aims to assist families in the Asia Pacific region, at different levels, so as to defend and to promote their interests, as well as to liaise with governments and international communities; at the UN level, OFAP aims to be the liaison between the families of the AsiaPacific Region and the UN and its designate agencies in achieving UN strategies and activities.

(ii) As Family Concerns are different according to cultures and socio economic development, OFAP identified three major concerns which it feels to be non controversial and transversal throughout the World, so as to focus it's priorities, which includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as follows:

(a) drugs and substance addiction, namely the more recent synthetic drugs affecting youth;

(b) social and human sustainable development, with special incidence on the threats from transnational and organized crime, including corruption; and

(c) Population migrations and refugees and human trafficking, with correlation to economic disparities and climate change.