The family is the cornerstone of a society. Working as a non-government organization, the Organization of the Families of Asia and the Pacific, O.F.A.P., is an active promoter and defender of the interests of the Familiesin the Asia and the Pacific Region, as well as in other parts of the world. It was founded by Mr. Jose Perestrelo de Alarcao Troni, Nuno Maria Roque Jorge, and Luis Ressano Garcia Lamas, in 1999. With O.F.A.P, we aim to speak for the family, work and support the United Nation as well as other organizations to plan and build a healthy society.

Established as a non-profit NGO with statutes published in the Official Gazette in 1999, OFAP was initiative by the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Budget, of the Government of Macau, now with the Administration and Public Function Services; recently in February 2010, declared as "Public Utility" (with tax exempt status) by the Government of Macau S.A.R., China.

To better further its objectives, OFAP is a member of the VNGOC - Vienna NGO COmmittee on Drugs, which is partnership with the UNODC - United Nations of Drugs and Crimes.

It also holds a cross membership and close relationship with the IFNGO - The International Federation of Non-Government Organizations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse.


(i) OFAP aims to assist families in the Asia Pacific region, at different levels, so as to defend and to promote their interests, as well as to liaise with governments and international communities; at the UN level, OFAP aims to be the liaison between the families of the AsiaPacific Region and the UN and its designate agencies in achieving UN strategies and activities.
(ii) As Family Concerns are different and prioritised according to cultures and socio economic development, OFAP identified three major concerns which it feels to be non controversial and transversal throughout the World, so as to focus it's priorities, as follows:
  (a) drugs and substance addiction, namely the more recent synthetic drugs affecting youth;
  (b) social and human sustainable development, with special incidence on the threats from transnational and organized crime, including corruption; and
  (c) Population migrations and refugees and human trafficking, with correlation to economic disparities and climate change.



(1) OFAP is statutorily a non-profit organization, declared of "Public Utility" by the Government, as published in the Official Gazette; this distinction also carries a tax exempt status. OFAP was also granted Special Consultant Status at UN ECOSOC -- United Nations Economic and Social Council in the year 2011.

Networking being an indispensable tool, OFAP has selected key members and established cross membership with choice entities. As drugs has been established as one important priority, a cross membership and cooperation was formally set with IFNGO - The International Federation of NGOs for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse - with ECOSOC Consultative Status ("Observer B"). This cooperation was fully developed, when the President of OFAP assumed also the 2007-2009 Presidency of IFNGO, thus acquiring a seamless integration between the Family and drug concerns, continued by the election to the 2013-2015 Presidency as well. Similarly, working relations have begun with other reputable entities, such as ANCD - Australian National Commission on Drugs - setting up the next phase and level of activities for OFAP.

(3) Similarly, a closer relationship with UN and other High International Bodies was a major goal, namely
with the UNODC (in Vienna), with OFAP now currently member in good standing of the VNGOCD (Vienna NGO Commitee on Drugs).
(4) Further to developing this networking, many projects activities were planned and executed, of which the most successfull were:
  (A) Consultancy and assistance to the Abu Dhabi Family Development Foundation for the creation of the Abu Dhabi World Family Forum, now waiting for the final stage of implementation.
  (B) Full support for the "Beyond 2008" consultion process (on drug policies), in partnership with the
UNOCD, including hosting the Asia Pacific consultation meeting, as well as the publishing of the book (final report) "Making a Difference", which was officially presented at the UNODC headquarters in Vienna.
  (C) Creation of an International Observatory of Family Concerns, with particular incidence on our three priorities. Functioning in OFAP's Macau Main Office, this observatory collects and analyses relevant data, in order to reach conclusions, projections and recommendations, through adequate resarch.